#BlogTrends – Analytics – Oct 1

Analytics play a very important role in your blogging life.  Whether  you want to go pro or you’re just doing this for fun, analytics hold the key to help you understand your readers and where they are coming from, literally. Blog_Trends Q1 How should I track my analytics? What program or tool should I use? […]

#BlogTrends – Authenticity & Branding – Sept 24

Blogging authentically and staying true to your brand is something we’ve all heard and read about in articles, from experts, at conferences, and even regularly in #BlogTrends twitter chat. It is oft-touted as one of the key elements to being successful in the blogging world. But how exactly do you define your voice and your […]

#BlogTrends – Managing It All – Sept 17

Let’s be honest, blogging can take up vast amounts of time, which in turn takes time away from other important aspects of our life. From major life events such as having a baby and getting married to families and friends to jobs to quiet alone time, everything needs some attention. In this #BlogTrends chat we […]

#BlogTrends – Photo Editing & Protecting – Aug 27

No matter what your blogging niche whether it’s travel, food, fashion, or technology, for most bloggers imagery is an integral part of their content. During this chat we chat about photos and imagery. We touch on topics such as easy tips and tricks for Photoshop novices and other ways to enhance my content through photo editing, […]

#BlogTrends – Blogger Body Image – Aug 20

Body image in the blogging world has been quite the hot topic recently. It’s your chance to share your thoughts on the topic. During this #BlogTrends Chat we discuss a broad range of body image topics from weight to body type to race. What can we do to change some of the things we don’t […]

BlogTrends – Advertising Tips – Aug 13

How much should you charge advertisers on your blog? How much should you save to advertise on other sites, facebook, google, etc? Should you make prices available on your site or by request only? Do you really need a media kit? With a topic as daunting as advertising, we want to hear your experiences! Q1 […]

#BlogTrends – Events, Events, Events – July 31

With a whirlwind of events coming up, including blogging conferences and fashion weeks, we’re all about events!  We want to hear what you think about the cost, which to attend, and if you should even go.  Join us to discuss some of these issues and more! Q1 There are so many events to attend! How […]

#BlogTrends – Photography Tips – July 23

Photography is essential for any blog. Whether it captures your outfit, your latest meal, or the new color swatches of the season, it’s critical to present what you see. Chat about some of the basics and learn how to amp up your skills with just a few key tips! Q1 What type of camera do […]

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