#BlogTrends – Blogging Success Factors – Jan 28

The word “successful” can be rather subjective, but we’re pretty certain we can all spot a successful blogger when we see one. So what makes a blogger successful? Beyond that element of je ne sais quoi, what specific factors come into play and how can we harness these factors for our own blogs? We’d love […]


#BlogTrends – 2013 Blogging Trends – Jan 21

As we move into a new year we are focusing on some of the new ways our blogs are being utilized and how we can continue to grow and expand. While the basics of blogging (building community and sharing knowledge and experiences) will most likely never change, trends in style and technology are ever evolving. […]


#BlogTrends – Platforms & SEO – Dec 17

Picking a platform for your blog is one of the biggest and most important decisions you’ll make. In this chat, we focus a little more on WordPress and the advantages of can reap from using it. We also discuss how it can benefit your SEO ranking and how other platforms compare. BlogTrends Q1 What platform […]


#BlogTrends – Organizing Giveaways – Dec 10

We have special guest Christen Rochon of the popular tech and fashion blog, Divas and Dorks! She will be joining us to discuss some tips for organizing and executing exciting giveaways on our blogs. She is currently running her own giveaway, The Diva Days of Christmas, and will share some insight into the tools and methods […]


#BlogTrends – Blog Milestones – Oct 22

We are excited to say #BlogTrends chat has officially reached its one year mark! We are honored and proud to have made it this far and thankful to have met you all in this journey. What better time than now to focus on blog birthdays and milestones!? Have you celebrated a blog birthday/anniversary on your […]


#BlogTrends – Finding Inspiration – Oct 15

Regardless of how frequently or infrequently we post, even the best of us loose motivation with our blogs. So what should we do when we hit that seemingly inevitable wall? In this #BlogTrends chat we’ll discuss why we get to this point in the first place and how to overcome blogging obstacles and find new […]


#BlogTrends – Analytics – Oct 1

Analytics play a very important role in your blogging life.  Whether  you want to go pro or you’re just doing this for fun, analytics hold the key to help you understand your readers and where they are coming from, literally. Blog_Trends Q1 How should I track my analytics? What program or tool should I use? […]

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