Blog Post Ideas for Spring Cleaning

We all struggle now and again with coming up with blog post ideas. Fear not! We at Blog Trends are here to help! It’s officially spring and I know I have a ton of spring cleaning to do in my life, why not help your audience by sharing your Spring Cleaning experiences? This topic is […]


Our Favorite Apps – April 2014

Check out the apps the Blog Trends team is going gaga for this month: Flipboard is a social network and news aggregator that I use to keep up with popular tech, fashion and world news. I also use it to browse Instagram and read The New Yorker. Not interested in tech or fashion? You can […]


Networking Night Linkup – March 2014

It’s the last Monday of the month, Networking Night! Share one of your best blog posts from the month of March with us and make sure to visit some of the blogs linked up in this months Networking Night. Supporting each other is what the Blog Trends Community is all about!


#BlogTrends – Blogging Etiquette – 3/10/14

Etiquette: the customary code of polite behavior among members of a particular profession or group. Since we don’t all attend blogger finishing schools (how cool would that be!?) to show us the rules of the road, it’s important for us to talk about it as a community. As bloggers, we inevitably have to deal with a […]


Getty Images for FREE!? Sort of…

So, yes. Getty Images has done something pretty EPIC. You can now use their stock images for FREE. Well, sort of… Getty Images is offering a new way to share images on blogs and social media platforms called Embedded Images. They don’t cost you anything, but like all things in life, you don’t get anything […]


Happy New Year!

It’s New Years Day 2014, and we here at Blog Trends want to thank you all for bearing with us in 2013. It was a year of huge personal growth for the ladies behind Blog Trends, including two new babies, a new city, a new house, new jobs, sad goodbyes, and happy hellos. Now that […]


#BlogTrends – Blogger Gear – Aug 19

Blogging just like traditional forms of journalism covers a wide base of mediums. Not only do we research and write, we also take and edit photos and videos. During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed what equipment and programs are needed to be a successful blogger. What is your dream camera, what programs are a must, […]


#BlogTrends – Blogging Conferences – Aug 5

Blogging conferences are a great way to learn new skills and make some friends, that being said they can be intimidating and quite frankly expensive for novice and experienced bloggers alike. During this #BlogTrends chat we addressed which conferences we’ve attended, what was good and/or bad about them, attending online vs in person, tips on […]


July 29th #BlogTrends Linkup

  Linkup and Get Featured! Each week we will ask you to share your favorite post of the previous week  from your own blog (please link to a specific post, not just to your blogs home page!). We then ask you to vote for your favorite post (please don’t vote for your own). The post with the most “Likes” at the […]

SEO for Bloggers

#BlogTrends – SEO for Bloggers – July 22nd

The concept of SEO can be very overwhelming not only to blogging novices but also veterans! Luckily, with a community like ours we can all come together to share basic tips and tricks on how to boost SEO for our blogs. During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed what SEO is and why it is important, […]

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