A Stronger Blog from the Ground up: Schedule it Out Part I

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Think about your three favorite blogs. I’ll bet they all have something in common: quality and consistency. To run a successful blog, you need to have consistent, high-quality content, and you need to share it effectively. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent way too many nights trying to do all that at 11:45 or in the middle of the workday. By now you’ve probably discovered that it’s maybe not the best way to go… You just won’t be as effective, and your quality will suffer.

Fortunately, you can schedule your blog posts in advance. By scheduling ahead of time, you can use your free time to create top-notch content, rather than squeezing it in between meetings.

Many of you probably already know this, but I remember that when I first started blogging, I had no idea I could write a post on Sunday morning and set it to post on Wednesday afternoon. No-brainer, I know, but maybe this’ll help somebody else out, too. I use Blogger for Shrimp Salad Circus, but I’ve done a little research for all you WordPress users, too. Read on to find out how to schedule Blogger and WordPress posts. Once you know how to do that, try this free planner to organize your thoughts!

How to Schedule a Post in Blogger

Write your post up just as you normally would. When your post is ready, just click ‘Schedule’ under ‘Post settings’ on the right toolbar. Click the button for ‘Set date and time.’ Now you can just pick when you’d like to publish your post, and hit ‘Done.’ It’ll now show up as ‘scheduled’ in your list of posts on your Blogger dashboard. You can still go back and edit it just as you would with a normal post.

How to Schedule a Post in WordPress

Although, like I mentioned earlier, I don’t use WordPress, this one seems pretty straightforward as well. Just like in Blogger, there’s a little toolbar over to the side of your draft post. Where it automatically says ‘Publish Immediately,’ click ‘Edit.’ Now you can choose the date and time. Click ‘OK’ to go ahead and schedule it.

Tip: This is especially helpful if you’re going on vacation. You can schedule a whole week’s worth of posts and never have to think about your blog while you’re gone!

I’ll be back next month to talk about the various tools you can use to schedule your social media using your scheduled post links so that you’ve really got the whole shebang ready to go in advance.

Did you know that you could schedule your posts? How do you think this will change the way you blog?

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