A New Take on the Editorial Calendar


Here on Blog Trends we have talked quite a bit about different tools to stay organized and ways to manage your editorial calendar. While spread sheets and plugins are helpful I have personally found that I work best with a hand written hard copy of my calendar.

I also know, from years of list making, that when a list or document gets messy from scribbled out tasks and other rewrites I tend to abandoned the entire thing and want to start over. This can obviously make it hard to keep a solid calendar going, especially when you need to move stories to different days for a variety of reasons.

I recently discovered a great way around this while browsing the blog Little Chief Honeybee. Instead of getting a monthly planner and writing in my posts I have created a color coded system using Post-it notes!

The Perfect Planner

I was lucky enough to snag a great monthly planner from Wal*Mart for only about $7. It covers 2012-2013 and has nice large boxes for each day of the month, just about perfectly fitting my Post-it notes. It also has a space on the site of each month where you can make notes.

Color Coding

Divide your blog posts into categories. For me at PiercingStyles.com this breaks down into fashion, food, lifestyle/decor, and DIY. I have recently added a special category for baby but haven’t done much with that just yet. Pick up some Post-it notes that fit your planner, I went with the cube sized notes. I designated a different color for each category. If I need to make notes about a post I write the notes on a Post-it note that matches the category and stick it in the note section of my planner.


The best part about this system is the ability to rearrange your posts as needed. I know I fall off my schedule a lot and it’s nice to be able to simple move a post to a later date and re-prioritize my posts. I tend to carry my post-it notes and calendar with me any time I am using a bag it will fit it. That way I can write down a post idea and stick in in my calendar anytime I feel inspired.

Do you prefer to hand write lists or track them digitally?


2 Comments on A New Take on the Editorial Calendar

  1. Mayette
    December 3, 2012 at 12:54 pm (6 years ago)

    This is a great idea! I’ll have to find a post-it friendly desk calendar 🙂

  2. Rabia @TheLiebers
    February 1, 2014 at 2:30 pm (5 years ago)

    I have a paper planner that I printed out from another blogger. It has a full month calendar and then each individual week of the month. I’ve been using it for blog posts as well as other things going on in life. At first I was a little annoyed that it was so big, but now I notice that I tend to remember to bring it with me more often. I had tried using a google calendar for my blogging topics, but there’s just something about paper and pencil that works for me.


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