5 Best Practices for Working With Brands


Whether you are just starting out or you’ve got quite a few posts under your best, reaching out to brands can be a bit intimidating. Here are five simple tips you can follow to make your collaborations successful.

Communicate Effectively

Try your best to respond to emails as promptly as possible (within 1-2 days is ideal). Everyone is astoundingly busy these days, especially bloggers who hold down other employment and write mainly as a hobby. However, a little bit of reliability goes a long way in developing a good relationship, and you never know where a great relationship might take you.

Be Proactive

You can usually tell if a brand is new to influencer marketing. If you’re working with a brand like this, take the initiative. For example, if a brand doesn’t give you a timeline for a sponsored post, pick a date that fits your editorial calendar and let them know that’s when they should look for the post. It’s okay to include a helpful tip, too, like “A lot of bloggers like to have a general timeline for their editorial calendars. Please let me know if you have a deadline for this post.”

Be Innovative

Everyone loves a good giveaway, but you know what else everyone loves? Something no one has ever seen before. If you’ve got a great, out-of-the-box idea, get it out there and pitch a brand! You could potentially introduce the next standard in online advertorial.

Avoid the Last-Minute Rush

If you’re reaching out for sponsorship, make sure to begin the conversation with a reasonable amount of notice. Sometimes partnerships can take time, especially those that require contracts or non-disclosure agreements. You probably aren’t familiar with the brand’s internal company structure and might think of your contact as the be-all and end-all, but in reality there may be a chain of approval to go through.

Stand Up for Yourself

If you’re uncomfortable with something a brand wants you to do, say so or suggest an alternative. You don’t need to sell your soul for a free product or event invitation. Some brands are willing to be flexible and think about your concerns. If a brand won’t budge, don’t feel that you need to concede to their wishes. Don’t be afraid to back out or turn down the collaboration if it doesn’t align with your vision and integrity.

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