4 Ways to Blog About the Holidays


I absolutely love the holiday season. In fact, I usually have to restrain myself because I know that not everyone is ready to hear Christmas music in September (I try to hold out until the day after Thanksgiving!). As the holidays quickly approach, you might be wondering how you can incorporate holiday-related posts into your blog. If you are, I’ve got a few tips and ideas that just might help.

1. Write about what you normally write about, but with a holiday twist. Are you a fashion blogger that shares your personal style? If so, you could do an outfit post that shows what you might wear for a holiday party or dinner. Do you blog about food? Maybe you could share one of your traditional holiday recipes. You don’t have to branch far out of the topics that you normally post about to bring the holidays into your blog.

2. Create a gift guide. If you’re anything like me then you’re constantly looking for gift ideas during the holidays. If you’re way ahead of the game and have already finished your holiday shopping, you could share what you bought (assuming your giftee doesn’t read your blog!). There are lots of ways to organize a gift guide: by gender, by age, by price, or by theme (e.g. Gifts for the Foodie, Gifts for the Jetsetter, etc.), just to name a few ideas. You can do as many or as few gift guides as you like- it’s a great way to share the awesome gift ideas you’ve found!

3. Make a holiday playlist. This one is pretty easy- just round up your favorite holiday songs and create a playlist on a music service like Spotify or Grooveshark. Sharing your favorite tunes is a great way to spread the holiday cheer- just make sure your playlist is not set to auto-play!

4. Share a holiday tradition. I really enjoy learning about other cultures and your readers might be interested to hear how you personally celebrate the holidays. This is also a great way to encourage your readers to engage by asking them to share their holiday traditions as well. It would be interesting to see which traditions you have in common and which ones are different.

Tell me: How do you incorporate the holidays into your blog?

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