5 Free Fonts

As a graphic designer (and blogger), I’m a huge typography nerd. Huuuuge. I even have a Pinterest board for my font wishlist. And in my neverending quest for awesome new fonts, I’ve found some awesome ones that are available for free! Free is always nice. (However, if you do find a typeface you love that […]


Blog Post Ideas for Spring Cleaning

We all struggle now and again with coming up with blog post ideas. Fear not! We at Blog Trends are here to help! It’s officially spring and I know I have a ton of spring cleaning to do in my life, why not help your audience by sharing your Spring Cleaning experiences? This topic is […]


#BlogTrends – Blog Post Ideas – 4/14/14

Whether it’s travel plans, a busy schedule, or simply writer’s block, we’ve all hit tough points in our posting flow! During this #blogtrends chat we discuss blog post brainstorming tips, inspiration sources, and how to track post ideas. As always, our #blogtrend-ers brought their best ideas and tips to make this another successful and helpful […]


#BlogTrends – Best Niche Blogging Resources – 4/7/14

We took a different approach to this discussion and asked our chatters to bring their knowledge to a free conversation about everything! See what our #blogtrend-ers covered, from hosting plans to spring trends and social media scheduling to blogging culture! [View the story "#BlogTrends - Best Online Niche Resources - 4/7/14" on Storify]


Tapping into local readers

As bloggers we are all on a quest to share our stories and style with the world as well as grow our readership. Many of us spend lots of time networking (which is always beneficial) and connecting with other bloggers but we should take a minute to stop and think about who we really want […]


How to Avoid Blogging Burnout

Sometimes blogging can become overwhelming. With the press emails, outfit shoots, editing, and events, it can all get to be a little too much. I won’t even factor work into the equation. That’s its own animal. So how do you continue to stay inspired and out of the scary land of blogger burnout?   1. Take a break! […]


Our Favorite Apps – April 2014

Check out the apps the Blog Trends team is going gaga for this month: Flipboard is a social network and news aggregator that I use to keep up with popular tech, fashion and world news. I also use it to browse Instagram and read The New Yorker. Not interested in tech or fashion? You can […]


Networking Night Linkup – March 2014

It’s the last Monday of the month, Networking Night! Share one of your best blog posts from the month of March with us and make sure to visit some of the blogs linked up in this months Networking Night. Supporting each other is what the Blog Trends Community is all about!


#BlogTrends – Increasing Reader Engagement – Mar 24

Increasing reader engagement is a big priority for many bloggers. Just like any aspect of life, we need feedback to know how we’re doing and if people are listening to what we have to say at all! This #BlogTrends chat was all about the importance of reader engagement and how to increase it. We started […]

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