#BlogTrends – Blogger Meetups – 9/8/14

Bloggers are one of the biggest digital communities in the world, so it’s easy to feel a little lost when trying to build new relationships. This week, we chatted about the benefits of good old-fashioned face time. We asked where you’ve attended meetups, what your experiences were like, where to look for nearby bloggers, and […]


#BlogTrends – Professional Blogging ft. @Momtrends – 8/25/14

This week for #blogtrends, we chatted with Nicole Feliciano, founder of Mom Trends! She gave us an inside look at what it’s like to leave a full-time job and start a viable blogging business. We took a different approach to our usual structure, and our #blogtrends crew had some great questions for Nicole, who shared […]


#BlogTrends – Social Media Tools – 8/11/14

Social Media has exploded in the last few years, and as bloggers, it’s crucial to be preset where our target readers are. In this week’s chat, we discussed the tools that make this presence easier! From scheduling to quick photo editing, we have the scoop on every tool you need to get your social media […]


#BlogTrends – Design & Branding – 8/4/14

In the blogging world, when we talk brands and blogging we’re often referring to working with large brands not our own brand. But branding is not just for big companies, it’s for us bloggers too! This time around, we discussed design & branding, starting with what exactly a “brand” is, and how do you identify […]


#BlogTrends – Blogging Platforms – 7/21/14

There are so many different platforms to blog on these days, with just as many customization options, even for coding novices! So how is one to decide which will suit them best? During this #BlogTrends chat we talked about what platforms you’ve used, which you prefer, how important is the platform to your blog’s success, […]


#BlogTrends – Curating Content – 7/7/14

Curated content has changed how we experience news and where we go to get our information. The internet has exploded with options for both curators and readers, but what does all of that really mean? This #blogtrends chat was all about our favorite places to find information, derive inspiration, and how we present that to […]


Networking Night Linkup – June 2014

  It’s the last Monday of the month, Networking Night! Share one of your best blog posts from the month of June with us (please link to a specific post, not to your blog’s home page) and make sure to visit some of the blogs linked up in this month’s Networking Night. Supporting each other […]

connecting brands

#BlogTrends – Connecting with Brands – 6/23/14

For many bloggers, brand partnerships represent important opportunities. They can be a fantastic way to increase your exposure and reach new demographics and audiences. As exciting as it sounds, getting there can be an intimidating process! This #BlogTrends chat, we talked about the benefits of connecting with brands, whether you should aim for a certain […]


#BlogTrends – Google Authorship – 6/16/14

Recently, Google Authorship has become a big topic on Twitter, but to be honest, we’re a bit naive on the subject. So we decided to learn from the best – you! This #BlogTrends chat, we asked what Google Authorship is, how it affects a blog, and if it’s really that important. We received some great […]

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